How to Break up with a Girl without Drama

Breaking up is not exactly the easiest thing in the world; it can be filled with a lot of drama. Being in love is a great thing, especially if you are in love with the right person. Oddly, even the best girl may not be “The One”.

Some people are too scared to break up with a girl because they are scared stiff of what could happen. Some girls find it difficult to take rejection and will let all hell loose if you sum up the courage to break up with them.

There are ways to break up with a girl without drama; here are tips to help you.

Do it Face-to-Face

If you want to break up with your girlfriend, be sure to do it face-to-face. Do not take the cowardly way out by choosing to do the break up over the telephone, text message, email or worst, using a Post-it! This is very belittling and an arrant insult to the days, weeks, months and possibly years that you have both shared together. Doing this will even reflect badly on your person and soon your cowardly act will spread like wild fire and make your mutual acquaintances think very poorly of you.

You need to be mentally prepared when you break the news to her. You should expect her to be emotional, and you should even expect her to get a little violent – just brace yourself and get ready to be able handle any reaction from her. If she has invested many years in the relationship and she has hoped to walk down the aisle with you; you should not expect her to sit there and take the news with a great big smile.

Knowing how to break up can be hard, but knowing when to break up can be harder.

Knowing how to break up can be hard, but knowing when to break up can be harder.

Tell Her the Truth – She Deserves to Know

Do not make up stories in order to drive her away; this will only break her heart in addition to insult of breaking up with her. If you are not comfortable with her lifestyle, you can tell her this, so that she can find closure and know the reason you chose not to be with her. If you are even open to giving her a second chance at making things work, then you should tell her this. But, if you want the relationship to come to a final end then tell her this in a firm voice.

From The Message Boards: Break Up With My Boyfriend?

From The Message Boards: Break Up With My Boyfriend?

Keep a Clear Distance

Keeping your distance after a breakup can be very difficult, especially if you have mutual friends or work in the same place. It can be tempting to call and check up on each other, you must squelch the urge. Do not stalk her on Facebook or any other social networking media, if you still have feelings for her, you will just end up upsetting yourself.