Microsoft: Can Windows 8 Save the Software Powerhouse?

Microsoft Windows 8 has no option but to be a huge hit when it is launched. This is the part where you ask, “What is the big deal about Windows 8, why must it be a huge hit?” Well, the future of Microsoft is depending on the success of the Windows 8 launch. A couple of people have been present at workshops set up by Microsoft in order to find out what the users of this product think.

The major goal of introducing the Microsoft Windows 8 is simply rebrand windows, making sure that it would meet the needs of today’s users. Executives at Microsoft are cocksure that the Windows 8 will be a great success, but like with most things, only time will tell.

The Microsoft Windows 8 boasts of innovative and very useful features; however, the older versions are not useless. Users may need some time to get used to the gadget’s new operating mechanisms; however users will need to be very patient in order to get the best of this new system. It should be noted that one of the reviewers of this product described the procedure of moving from between the older and the new applications as “jarring”, although this is not considered to be a problem by the management. Well, it would depend on the number of users who feel the same way the management feels, because this could come back and bite the management in their tushy!

 Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8

Okay, everyone may have their own opinion about this system, but there are some things that clearly stand out in favor of the Windows 8. This is the part where you say “so what exactly are the positives of the Windows 8?”

Here they are:

  • The Windows 8 will not come as a total shock to every user as there are a lot of features in this system that users of SmartPhones are familiar with.

  • The speed of Windows 8 will amaze users! This system’s boot time is under ten seconds! The screen is really pleasant to look at and user-friendly. Actually, it is the type of screen that you are used to on your smartphone; only clearer and a lot larger.

  • You will enjoy its size and its unique design will make you glad that you invested the money in purchasing it.

    Windows 8 Save the Software Powerhouse

    Windows 8 Save the Software Powerhouse

Although the aforementioned reasons is not enough for some people to rush out and purchase the Microsoft Windows 8 as soon as it hits the store shelves; but it is important that we should all keep in mind that Microsoft is a company that strongly believes that users are ready and prepared for a change – hmm, do you not agree?