The Science of Flirting: How to Flirt Your Way to an Online Hook Up

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“Understand the science of flirting”

It’s Okay to flirt and flirting can be fun especially if you do it in the best places to hook up online. As we all know science is an “art” and flirting belongs to the “art of seduction”. It does not have to be labeled as manipulative; it just depends on how you think about it. It is part of our human instinct to flirt. It shows the playful side of our nature. Read on to find more about how to flirt with the opposite sex online.

Flirting can be express physically or through written words. To master the science of flirting, you must believe that you are already good at flirting. Claim it now, but don’t overdo it though. It may be tough at first but you’ll get the hang of it in the long run. Practice your flirting skills by finding the best places to hook up online. Flirting involves body language, eye contact, and great observation, but how do you do it online? It is a challenge that you may want to face, since your main tool in flirting online are written words. Later on you may see the woman’s body language and facial expression through webcam chat, or hear her voice, but your first step is to send her a message. There are lots of best places to hook up online and flirting your way with women online can seal the deal. If it’s been a while since you last flirted with a girl, your techniques might be rusty or out of shape. You might want to try these tips and examples that really work; on how to attract the opposite sex.

Words Matter

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“Play with your words and create a good impression”

Men are considered as hunters, so you must make your first move. You don’t want to ruin that first chance, so make that first impression last. Since you can’t make eye contact yet, you wanted to make the impression that you really like her. That’s part of the problem in using online hookup sites like these here: Even the best hookup sites haven’t yet developed technology that allows you to stare someone in the eye … Make your presence known by igniting that first spark with words of appreciation. How you write your first hello or your first message really matters. Say something that will flatter her. You must write it in a way or in a manner of tone, that she will not misinterpret it. Add a smiley or “emoticons” — icons which are intended to convey emotions. Emoticons can help provide emotion to your written words. A simple hello with a sweet big smile can create a difference. It means that you are fun and friendly. You are making her smile as she reads it. Making it short and simple, added with a little bit of sweetness will create the best recipe of good communication. You might also want to keep in mind to ask the right questions.

Create a Gap

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“Let her miss you”

Make her miss you. If you want to flirt with her it is important for her to miss you, so you must create that gap and refrain from replying to her messages or comments frequently. Be unpredictable but please don’t keep her waiting too long; she might misinterpret the message that you are not interested with her. By creating a gap, it makes her wonder, about what you might be doing by now. The gap serves as a tool for you to fill every time you respond after a day or two. Keep your distance but not too far, just enough for ideas of flirting to come to mind.

Dance to Her Music

You want her, so tuning in for a moment is not a bad idea. You need to move close enough to know her more. This means that you need to allow her to talk and express her deepest desires, which will start from the basics of course. You don’t know much about her yet, so take the time to dance to her music first. Become the listener and you’ll notice that you’ll find more hints to flirt with her in a way that will not turn her off. As she babbles with her likes and dislikes, you can use that as a tool to make your next move. For example the woman loves cats, so make the effort of sending her a link about cats or pictures about cats. It will definitely make her smile. Another example is if she talks about her favorite music, you can say “I was thinking about you and thought of browsing your favorite music on the internet”. Then send her the link and she will definitely appreciate the effort. This will never fail to surprise her. Observe her even more by responding to questions and opinions in her favor that way your conversation creates a wonderful music.

Flirt with Humor

You don’t have to be a comedian to pull off a few punch lines. Just be yourself, we all have that funny personality inside, for us to be funny at times. Humor can break the ice and if you can make her laugh then that is a good response. Laughter is contagious, in time you’ll be infected with each other. Laugh at her jokes and if it’s not funny, laugh for the reason that it was not funny. Throwing a good joke at her will make the conversation more relaxed and comfortable. But still, you don’t want to overdo it, she might label you as a clown. It’s nice to have a serious talk once in a while. It is all about timing and observing her moods. In that way you can find the right time to insert that joke. Timing is everything.

Take Her to the Next Level

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“It’s time to bring out the big guns”

So you are now done with your proper introductions. You have already shared a couple of teases and jokes. You had your fun with those laid back messages, but you don’t want to get stuck and bore her in this stage. This part of your conversation has already made you comfortable with each other. Your radar is now high with signals telling you that it’s going to the next level. You can start by exchanging pictures. It depends on you both if you would like to exchange sexy pictures, showing off some skin. You can also steam up your messages a little. Be naughty but sweet. You don’t want to give her the impression that you are in a hurry. Use your imagination to spice up the conversation by sending her a sexy but sweet message like “I want you tonight” or “I can’t wait to see you wearing nothing but perfume”. This will make her respond in a way that you want her to. Ask permission—you don’t want to assume that she likes the things you had in mind. So ask the proper questions like “Is it okay, if I do this?” or “Will you like it if I do this?”. The answer to these questions will give you hints on what to do if ever you decide to meet up.
Flirting is the only way to be playful with someone whether it’s hooking up or if you are in serious relationships. Teasing can create a greater connection and attraction towards the opposite sex. This is how we communicate in the areas of dating, love, sex and even friendship.