The Science of Flirting: How to Flirt Your Way to an Online Hook Up

best places to hook up online

“Understand the science of flirting”

It’s Okay to flirt and flirting can be fun especially if you do it in the best places to hook up online. As we all know science is an “art” and flirting belongs to the “art of seduction”. It does not have to be labeled as manipulative; it just depends on how you think about it. It is part of our human instinct to flirt. It shows the playful side of our nature. Read on to find more about how to flirt with the opposite sex online.

Flirting can be express physically or through written words. To master the science of flirting, you must believe that you are already good at flirting. Claim it now, but don’t overdo it though. It may be tough at first but you’ll get the hang of it in the long run. Practice your flirting skills by finding the best places to hook up online. Flirting involves body language, eye contact, and great observation, but how do you do it online? It is a challenge that you may want to face, since your main tool in flirting online are written words. Later on you may see the woman’s body language and facial expression through webcam chat, or hear her voice, but your first step is to send her a message. There are lots of best places to hook up online and flirting your way with women online can seal the deal. If it’s been a while since you last flirted with a girl, your techniques might be rusty or out of shape. You might want to try these tips and examples that really work; on how to attract the opposite sex.

Words Matter

first impression last

“Play with your words and create a good impression”

Men are considered as hunters, so you must make your first move. You don’t want to ruin that first chance, so make that first impression last. Since you can’t make eye contact yet, you wanted to make the impression that you really like her. That’s part of the problem in using online hookup sites like these here: Even the best hookup sites haven’t yet developed technology that allows you to stare someone in the eye … Make your presence known by igniting that first spark with words of appreciation. How you write your first hello or your first message really matters. Say something that will flatter her. You must write it in a way or in a manner of tone, that she will not misinterpret it. Add a smiley or “emoticons” — icons which are intended to convey emotions. Emoticons can help provide emotion to your written words. A simple hello with a sweet big smile can create a difference. It means that you are fun and friendly. You are making her smile as she reads it. Making it short and simple, added with a little bit of sweetness will create the best recipe of good communication. You might also want to keep in mind to ask the right questions.

Create a Gap

keep her waiting

“Let her miss you”

Make her miss you. If you want to flirt with her it is important for her to miss you, so you must create that gap and refrain from replying to her messages or comments frequently. Be unpredictable but please don’t keep her waiting too long; she might misinterpret the message that you are not interested with her. By creating a gap, it makes her wonder, about what you might be doing by now. The gap serves as a tool for you to fill every time you respond after a day or two. Keep your distance but not too far, just enough for ideas of flirting to come to mind.

Dance to Her Music

You want her, so tuning in for a moment is not a bad idea. You need to move close enough to know her more. This means that you need to allow her to talk and express her deepest desires, which will start from the basics of course. You don’t know much about her yet, so take the time to dance to her music first. Become the listener and you’ll notice that you’ll find more hints to flirt with her in a way that will not turn her off. As she babbles with her likes and dislikes, you can use that as a tool to make your next move. For example the woman loves cats, so make the effort of sending her a link about cats or pictures about cats. It will definitely make her smile. Another example is if she talks about her favorite music, you can say “I was thinking about you and thought of browsing your favorite music on the internet”. Then send her the link and she will definitely appreciate the effort. This will never fail to surprise her. Observe her even more by responding to questions and opinions in her favor that way your conversation creates a wonderful music.

Flirt with Humor

You don’t have to be a comedian to pull off a few punch lines. Just be yourself, we all have that funny personality inside, for us to be funny at times. Humor can break the ice and if you can make her laugh then that is a good response. Laughter is contagious, in time you’ll be infected with each other. Laugh at her jokes and if it’s not funny, laugh for the reason that it was not funny. Throwing a good joke at her will make the conversation more relaxed and comfortable. But still, you don’t want to overdo it, she might label you as a clown. It’s nice to have a serious talk once in a while. It is all about timing and observing her moods. In that way you can find the right time to insert that joke. Timing is everything.

Take Her to the Next Level

conversation fun

“It’s time to bring out the big guns”

So you are now done with your proper introductions. You have already shared a couple of teases and jokes. You had your fun with those laid back messages, but you don’t want to get stuck and bore her in this stage. This part of your conversation has already made you comfortable with each other. Your radar is now high with signals telling you that it’s going to the next level. You can start by exchanging pictures. It depends on you both if you would like to exchange sexy pictures, showing off some skin. You can also steam up your messages a little. Be naughty but sweet. You don’t want to give her the impression that you are in a hurry. Use your imagination to spice up the conversation by sending her a sexy but sweet message like “I want you tonight” or “I can’t wait to see you wearing nothing but perfume”. This will make her respond in a way that you want her to. Ask permission—you don’t want to assume that she likes the things you had in mind. So ask the proper questions like “Is it okay, if I do this?” or “Will you like it if I do this?”. The answer to these questions will give you hints on what to do if ever you decide to meet up.
Flirting is the only way to be playful with someone whether it’s hooking up or if you are in serious relationships. Teasing can create a greater connection and attraction towards the opposite sex. This is how we communicate in the areas of dating, love, sex and even friendship.

5 Ways For Women To Have Successful Married Affairs


“A successful married affair is tough to accomplish”

When it comes to affairs, men are commonly at fault in committing them. However, these past few years there has been an increase in the percentage of women making the first move, and eventually, starting an affair.

The Women have now become more active in online dating but most of them get scammed. They need to read genuine reviews to make a correct decision. For example: they can read the Ashley Madison review which is being talked about on married dating guide and decide whether is a scam or not. They need to take the responsibility of their actions and be more confident in making the right decisions.
The perspective on women has changed with time but just a few decades ago, when a woman is labeled as a mistress or the one who initiated an affair, she greatly frowned upon by society. This perspective continues to linger today. Despite this, there are women who readily enter into extramarital affairs as a form of escape, rebellion or liberation.
The increase of women engaging in extramarital affairs may have something to do with the advent of online dating. Online dating websites make it easier for people to find the other with the same intent, in one place in the cyber world. There are many niches that online dating can offer, and it is only in the users’ decision where s/he will subscribe.
Legit married dating sites are for married people who want to meet others online and start an affair. When a person subscribes to legit married dating sites, it will be easier for her/ him to find someone who is also interested in that kind of arrangement. Legit married dating sites are also easier when starting an affair because a person can establish a connection through sending emails or chatting with another person online. They don’t have to meet up all the time. To a lot of people, this is enough. Also, the possibility of having your friends/family/acquaintances know the person you met in a legit married dating site is also slim.
Just about anyone can start an affair. If you’re a woman, what should you do maintain your secret affair without being affected by guilt? By nature, women are more emotional and are prone to follow their feelings. How should you manage your emotions and be successful in keeping your secret lover? How should you manage your feelings of guilt so your husband won’t bust you? The following tips will help women know the do’s and Don’ts in having a successful affair.

Determine What You Want in an Affair

There are many reasons why you want to start an affair. You may be bored with your husband and you are seeking something new and fun to spice up your sex life. Your marriage might be on the rocks and you are attempting to see if your husband will still fight for it. You could be just plotting revenge on your husband because he had an affair first. You may have met the man who is better than your husband in many ways. You want to leave the misery of sticking in a lousy marriage and go with your new love. Whatever your reasons are, you should be able to know what your goal is for having an affair.
If you established your reasons before entering an affair, you will know to what you are going to get from an affair. You will know when to stop the affair because you are just using it to test your husband and your marriage. You will also know how things will unfold in the affair.
You must also know your reason because it will help you make a list of criteria in choosing who your secret lover will be. You can set limits to the extent of your interaction with the man whom you will have an affair with. When the time comes you’ve had enough of the affair you can easily slip away from it.

Choose a Man Who Has No Baggage


“Baggage equals unseen complications”

The baggage can make him not able to provide with what you are seeking. This baggage can include his job, past relationships and personal problems. Choose a man who can free be with you at the drop of a hat. A man who has more liberty in his time or career will make it easier for the both of you to meet up. You two won’t have to constantly worry about coming up with excuses to tell your husband or his wife.
Choosing someone whose job needs him to frequently travel can make your rendezvous easier. You should also choose a man who is financially stable so you won’t end up being a sugar mommy. If you choose a bum he may use your money to keep you tied to him. You want someone to have an affair with, not another kid to have your money spent on.

Ignore the Guilty Feelings

Feeling guilty will affect the way you interact with your husband. You will feel more nervous whenever you are with him. Yes, even if you’re just thinking about your next login to those legit married dating sites. Manifestations of guilt can include constant fidgeting, fast speech and loss of focus. When you show signs if guilt, your husband will grow suspicious. It will be only a matter of time before he will find out and uncover your whole affair. If you are determined to keep your affair with your secret lover, flush all the guilt down the toilet.

List Sex as the First Priority


“Sex should always be the priority”

Affairs often start because of the sexual dissatisfaction between partners. This must also be part of your list when starting an affair. Do you want to keep your secret lover only because you want to have a more exciting sexual experience? Or do you want to start something with your secret lover that will eventually lead to a new relationship? You must be able to figure out the difference between the two. Getting a new sexual experience has helped women reignite their sex lives with their husband and ended up saving the marriage. What is ironic in this whole arrangement is that you had to go through an affair to save your marriage. For most of these women, their husband did not have the slightest clue that they were having an affair.

Avoid Using Your Credit Card


“Cash is the correct choice”

As much as possible, pay everything with cash on the purchases for your secret lover. You have to avoid any traces that you might leave that can connect with him or your encounters together. You will not have to worry about your husband finding fishy purchase details in your credit card bill. For phone bills, opt to buy pre- paid cards instead of getting a plan. You will not have to worry about call logs and having your secret lover’s number on the phone bill.

Pay Attention to Details

Stains and smells can linger on you. Your husband may spot the unusual stain or get a whiff of that strange new male perfume. Before you leave from wherever place you and your secret lover had sex, always clean yourself first and check for any stains. A change of clothes will always be convenient. Take a bath before you leave. Not only will you get rid of stains from your body, you will also wash away the scent of your partner. Aside from this, always make sure that you brush your teeth and groom yourself before you leave. That way, your husband will think that you just spent some time at a mall and not having sex with your secret lover.
It’s inevitable that you will have to constantly lie to your husband so you can sneak off and meet with your secret lover. Don’t forget the details of the stories that you told him. Sometimes, when the details don’t get along with each you just prompted your husband to become suspicious. Stick to simple details that are easy to remember.

When having an affair, you must be willing to take the risks and measures. Remember, a little mistake can end up badly.

5 Secrets To Sexual Confidence That Will Guarantee You The Hottest Fling Ever!

It is a fact that many people who are looking for sites for finding flings are also hoping to get wonderful sex. You’ll want to find the hottest fling ever when joining these sites. When you find someone hot on these fling online dating sites, with the help of –, you can count on its credibility as these fling dating websites for meeting women are tried and tested. You can expect a great night of sex. The curious thing about sex is that no one goes to it expecting the least pleasure. Everyone or almost everyone (at least those who positively accept to have sex) always has the feeling that their next sexual experience will be better than the previous one. You can always make your sexual experience better and better, every day. But this doesn’t just happen because you want it to be that way. The pleasure you get from sex increases with the corresponding increase in self confidence. Sex is about personality, it is an expression of the way we are and think; and if you lack this important trait, you’ll certainly have a hard time finding the hottest sex on sites for finding flings. Below are some 5 helpful tips on how to boost your self-confidence and find the hottest fling ever.

1. Learn to Explore: You’ll Discover Hidden Treasures in You

“It’s time to find your hidden talents”

“It’s time to find your hidden talents”

Some people want to become published authors but they never make any effort to explore and try their writing skills. You’ll never know the fun there is in riding a bike unless you pluck up courage to try. As you start exploring your sexuality, it is important to understand that there is no perfection in it. When it comes to sex, it is about exploration. You’ll have no confidence if you keep on thinking that those with numerous sex activities are better than you. There is no such thing as perfect in sex. It is just pleasure, and the secret consists in giving more. Only you can teach yourself; you can be your own teaching by taking control for the first time. Women will know when you’re uncertain; when you’re not sure you can give them what they want. It is important for you to keep your mind open, and to be a receptacle through which sexual energy flows. This is important. Everyone is capable of having great sex. And you are one of them. You have to believe that you can give any sex partner the best satisfaction.

2. Avoid Being Manipulated By Sex Literature

“Don’t get sucked into the theory, learn from the practical”

“Don’t get sucked into the theory, learn from the practical”

As said earlier, there is no such thing as a sex master. Stop looking for a pick up line and the best sex positions ever. The best position is the one that will naturally crawl up from the deep emotions and desires you have for a woman, the one that comes to mind as you look at her. The way you want her is what gives creativity. Most of those guys looking for secrets in pleasuring a woman often end up frustrated. You should focus on building your confidence, developing the skill to communicate this confidence and make you feel that women are the type of guy who knows what he wants, rather than ceding to manipulations. If you build rapport naturally, you’ll be able to find the perfect match for you. People who work by the book can be shocked when they learn that the rules of sex are free; play by your rules, not another’s.

3. Never Ignore the Confidence of the Woman

“A confident woman knows what she wants”

“A confident woman knows what she wants”

Some people do not think that their sexual partners have their own sexual language and preferences as well. Those joining sites for finding flings like you have read the books too and know a lot of pick up lines. Most women will want to deal with men who can communicate what they feel easily, with a language that is theirs. They also want men who can create enough space for their sexual expression. Be careful; it’s not about you. It’s not just you; it’s you and your partner. You should learn to enter into her world; listen to her, feel her. As she allows you to touch and explore her world, she offers you infinite possibilities of pleasuring her. That is where you find your own pleasure.

4. Do Away with Your Biases about Women

You’ll find it easier meeting the hottest fling if you stop idealizing women. Some people think that women with shapely legs or those with certain features can get them crazy. You might be losing a lot if you keep your mind focused on a certain category of women. There are women who do not betray sexiness in the way they are, but who are terribly hot in bed and will definitely know how to give you just the kind of sex you want. By broadening your sexual preferences, you’ll be able to explore more in women and in yourself. Always be ready for surprises when you sign up on sites for finding flings. You’ll find women with their own sexual preferences. Some will have their preferred sex positions. If you keep this in mind, you’ll not be setting yourself up for frustration. Remember that no one is perfect, and you’ll definitely not find the perfect sexual partner. You make the perfect sexual partner.

5. Be Bold when You Communicate

“Be a Man and express your desires”

“Be a Man and express your desires”

If you want the hottest fling, it’ll be very necessary to communicate properly. Learn the art of communicating. Especially if you are looking for a fling on websites for finding flings, you should use the chat to communicate what you think. Sometimes in chat rooms, you can learn a lot about the woman you want. This will help you set the right expectations. For instance, you’ll be frustrated to know in bed that your fling is not open to anal sex or oral sex if that is the kind of sex you enjoy most. You could avoid the frustration by coming out boldly and sharing your sexual fantasies. Sharing sexual fantasies online before the physical contact can make the whole difference in the kind of sex you’ll have, and it is also very helpful in stimulating you. If you are bold enough to talk about these things, you’ll also be able to know how to surprise your fling when you get under the sheets. Knowing her expectations will help you prepare both physically and psychologically for the encounter. Sharing sexual fantasies will also enable you to connect well with the woman you are hitting on. It helps establish a kind of understanding between you both which will later create mutual responses when you get to the art of sex.

There is no big secret to finding the perfect fling and having the best sex ever. You will be able to find wonderful sex if you open your mind and explore your own sexual needs properly. Making a woman feel that you understand what she actually wants and that you can give her just that will set the scene for great surprises in bed. Without any pretension to perfection, you should be able to transmit the message that you can offer what she wants, that you can be at your top for her. You should be very confident to make a woman weak at her knees. Sex is not taught; it is lived. That is how you should approach it. It is a world you’ll need to explore. This is the mindset that will create the kind of confidence you need. It will attract the best women towards you, and it will make you more open and receptive to her sexual language.

Education: How Technology is Changing Education

The views on the probability of technology changing the face of education has been quite quiet hazy in the past but it seems to be a real possibility these days. Sure, there are many cynics who feel that technology is changing education for the worse. The reason for this is the many risk factors that come with technology. From pornography to misinformation on the internet, many reasons are posed as a shortcomings as technology. In fact, many educational professionals also believe that the lack of organized information improper framework on the internet and other forms of technology may promote haphazard learning.

The fact, however, remains the same; the inclusion of technology in education is inevitable and using the right measures of control and filtering, it is indeed possible to make this work for the better. In fact, the benefits of technology in education are already more than obvious with many schools and universities making the most of technology to impart better education. Sadly, this is where most people’s understanding of the role of technology in education comes to break down. Technology can do much more than place a few monitors and digital projectors in class room.

More Benefits Of Technology Enabled Education

More Benefits Of Technology Enabled Education


Technology has a much larger role to play in the future of education. Glimpses of this are already visible with all the new apps and advancements in the market. Students are taking on hands on role using technology for education rather than just being passive observers to the wonders of technology. And this is where all the optimism comes from. The current path being followed is signs of better things to come and it also shoots down any fear or speculation of the younger generation being slave to technology.

While the future looks bright, the present isn’t bad either. We already have technologies to cut out a lot of time and also reduce the impact of geographical boundaries. Many restrictions that would hamper the educational process earlier are not being lifted thanks to a helping hand from technology.

Studies Find How Technology Is Changing Higher Education

Studies Find How Technology Is Changing Higher Education


There are still many barriers that keep millions of children in the world get the kind of education they deserve. Though technology has played a major role in diminishing most boundaries, it may still not be affordable to all. This is one major scope for improvement in terms of using technology for education. It’s not like they’re not trying though. Technology is much more affordable today than it was a decade ago and the trend continues for the better. It is not long before technology will help education cross geographical, social, economic as well as cultural boundaries to make a for better informed world. Education has the true power to change the world and technology can go hand in hand in achieving the same. 

How to Break up with a Girl without Drama

Breaking up is not exactly the easiest thing in the world; it can be filled with a lot of drama. Being in love is a great thing, especially if you are in love with the right person. Oddly, even the best girl may not be “The One”.

Some people are too scared to break up with a girl because they are scared stiff of what could happen. Some girls find it difficult to take rejection and will let all hell loose if you sum up the courage to break up with them.

There are ways to break up with a girl without drama; here are tips to help you.

Do it Face-to-Face

If you want to break up with your girlfriend, be sure to do it face-to-face. Do not take the cowardly way out by choosing to do the break up over the telephone, text message, email or worst, using a Post-it! This is very belittling and an arrant insult to the days, weeks, months and possibly years that you have both shared together. Doing this will even reflect badly on your person and soon your cowardly act will spread like wild fire and make your mutual acquaintances think very poorly of you.

You need to be mentally prepared when you break the news to her. You should expect her to be emotional, and you should even expect her to get a little violent – just brace yourself and get ready to be able handle any reaction from her. If she has invested many years in the relationship and she has hoped to walk down the aisle with you; you should not expect her to sit there and take the news with a great big smile.

Knowing how to break up can be hard, but knowing when to break up can be harder.

Knowing how to break up can be hard, but knowing when to break up can be harder.

Tell Her the Truth – She Deserves to Know

Do not make up stories in order to drive her away; this will only break her heart in addition to insult of breaking up with her. If you are not comfortable with her lifestyle, you can tell her this, so that she can find closure and know the reason you chose not to be with her. If you are even open to giving her a second chance at making things work, then you should tell her this. But, if you want the relationship to come to a final end then tell her this in a firm voice.

From The Message Boards: Break Up With My Boyfriend?

From The Message Boards: Break Up With My Boyfriend?

Keep a Clear Distance

Keeping your distance after a breakup can be very difficult, especially if you have mutual friends or work in the same place. It can be tempting to call and check up on each other, you must squelch the urge. Do not stalk her on Facebook or any other social networking media, if you still have feelings for her, you will just end up upsetting yourself.

3 Tips for Keeping your Brain Sharp

A sharp brain is an asset that can greatly enhance the quality of life and keep you working efficiently. In order to ensure that you do not lose the sharpness of brain over a period of time, it is important to keep it well used. There are many things you can do to keep your brain active and sharp.

  1. Exercising is one of the best ways to keep your brain sharp and active. A healthy body promotes a healthy mind. Exercising keeps your blood pressure under control and enhances blood flow to all parts of the body including brain. A regular workout of half an hour at least thrice a week is a good way to start. You can go for a walk or run, visit a gym or even do some simple exercises at home.
  2. Being relaxed and completely eliminating stress is another way to keep your brain sharp. Stress and tension clouds your brain and makes it lose its ability to think with clarity. You can try relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga to deal with day to day stress. Meditation will also keep you grounded and emotionally stable thereby promoting brain activity and stability. You can focus much better when you are at peace.

    Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

    Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

  3. Read books to challenge your thoughts and keep your brain active. You can also challenge your brain and keep it sharp by playing simple puzzles and games. Find things you enjoy and have a lot of fun. Your brain enjoys doing fresh, new things. Try to learn a new skill, language, music or sport. Try to find new ideas and materials that are challenging to your mind.

There is no substitute for a healthy, balanced diet as you try to keep your brain sharp and focused. There are many foods that will help keep your brain active and healthy. As compared to processed foods, fresh vegetables and fruits are excellent for brain health. Getting enough sleep is imperative if you want to think with clarity. To enhance efficiency, you must be able to focus and remain alert at all times. This is possible only if you eat the right foods and get enough sleep.

 Keep your brain active and healthy

Keep your brain active and healthy


Add a lot of excitement in your life. Start traveling a lot, meet new people and have a lot of fun. Interact with your family and friends and share ideas and perspectives. Enjoy a lot of conversations as this is one of the ways to keep your mind engaged. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Keep your mind simmering with activity and you will never fail to focus and perform. Enhance your creativity and refine your skills. There is no dearth of opportunities out there for you to sharpen and polish your brain. 

Microsoft: Can Windows 8 Save the Software Powerhouse?

Microsoft Windows 8 has no option but to be a huge hit when it is launched. This is the part where you ask, “What is the big deal about Windows 8, why must it be a huge hit?” Well, the future of Microsoft is depending on the success of the Windows 8 launch. A couple of people have been present at workshops set up by Microsoft in order to find out what the users of this product think.

The major goal of introducing the Microsoft Windows 8 is simply rebrand windows, making sure that it would meet the needs of today’s users. Executives at Microsoft are cocksure that the Windows 8 will be a great success, but like with most things, only time will tell.

The Microsoft Windows 8 boasts of innovative and very useful features; however, the older versions are not useless. Users may need some time to get used to the gadget’s new operating mechanisms; however users will need to be very patient in order to get the best of this new system. It should be noted that one of the reviewers of this product described the procedure of moving from between the older and the new applications as “jarring”, although this is not considered to be a problem by the management. Well, it would depend on the number of users who feel the same way the management feels, because this could come back and bite the management in their tushy!

 Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8

Okay, everyone may have their own opinion about this system, but there are some things that clearly stand out in favor of the Windows 8. This is the part where you say “so what exactly are the positives of the Windows 8?”

Here they are:

  • The Windows 8 will not come as a total shock to every user as there are a lot of features in this system that users of SmartPhones are familiar with.

  • The speed of Windows 8 will amaze users! This system’s boot time is under ten seconds! The screen is really pleasant to look at and user-friendly. Actually, it is the type of screen that you are used to on your smartphone; only clearer and a lot larger.

  • You will enjoy its size and its unique design will make you glad that you invested the money in purchasing it.

    Windows 8 Save the Software Powerhouse

    Windows 8 Save the Software Powerhouse

Although the aforementioned reasons is not enough for some people to rush out and purchase the Microsoft Windows 8 as soon as it hits the store shelves; but it is important that we should all keep in mind that Microsoft is a company that strongly believes that users are ready and prepared for a change – hmm, do you not agree?

Top 3 TV Shows

When it comes to choosing a TV show to watch, there are so many programs to choose from. Some shows were created in order to make you laugh and laugh, some shows are created to make you think deeply, there are shows that just want you to know more about life and what to expect from it. Then, there are shows that are designed to help the “Girl Next Door” get a jumpstart to fame and fortune.

Because I really like reality TV shows, here are my top 3 reality television shows this year:

  1. Big Brother

This show is one of the most popular television shows on the planet and has enjoyed a lot of popularity world wide – there is Big Brother UK and Big Brother Africa. The concept of the show is pretty simple, put people with different personalities and temperaments in a house and let the drama begin! These people will be given tasks to perform and they will just have to come up with ways to get along with each other. There is a lot of backstabbing and scheming in the Big Brother house, and people who are too soft hearted may not stand a chance in the house. The last man or woman standing gets to walk away with a colossal sum of money. The money will compensate for the lack of absolutely no privacy in the house. I really enjoy the drama that goes on in the house.

Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door

  1. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

I really cannot get enough of this show! I love the concept of helping people rebuild their homes and making it more inviting and comfortable. This show is one that has won the hearts of many viewers. Many families have benefitted greatly from this show, and there are times when you just feel like shedding tears of joy when the beneficiaries of this program get to see their new and improved home. It can be very comforting to know that there is still milk of human kindness flowing in the world that we live in.

  1. Fear Factor

Not everyone can bear to watch people eat all sorts of gory and yucky stuff – but I watch this show to marvel at how brave some people actually are. Some contestants on the show are sort of immune to eating horrible stuff, rolling around in smelly and slimy stuff or completing tasks that will make most people gag.

Fear Factor

Fear Factor

I know that some people hate reality TV shows and actually feel that some shows have been scripted in order to keep viewers interested. I do not think Big Brother, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Fear Factor are shows that have been scripted.